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  1. One of my favourite bands along with The Mob from that period. The music definitely stands the test of time just as it marked them out as 'different' first time around. I still wish I had all my anarcho-punk records...the fold out poster with 'Can't Cheat Karma' was a classic!

    I totally agree with you, the Curse Of The Zounds album is essential listening and definitely one of the top five anarcho-punk albums of all time....I got a CD copy to replace my long gone vinyl version and the re-release includes all the singles.

    You heard about Crass re-mastering and re-releasing their catalogue, I know Feeding Of The 5000 is out but I am waiting till they hopefully re-release the singles by other bands signed to Crass.

    Especially the D&V records..I have them in 128 but really looking for a decent rip of their Crass single and album..another band that stand the test of time who were different musically and stylistically from most of the other anarcho-punk bands.

    a great Zounds post!

  2. "the fold out poster with 'Can't Cheat Karma' was a classic!"

    If it's any consolation, I scanned all 4 folds and then combined them into one image. Nothing "professional" since I only have an 8x11 scanner and don't know how to use any image editing software that's more complicated than MS Paint or Irfanview. So you can print it out, if you got paper large enough :)

    And no, I didn't hear about Crass re-releasing their stuff. That'd be pretty slick if they did it to every band that was on Crass Records as well like you mentioned. Overground Records opened my ears to quite a few bands with their remastered Anarcho-Punk comps.

  3. thank you! but please rip in FLAC ;)

  4. Well, I can do .flac now since I've switched over from Creative WaveStudio to Audacity a while back. I record all my vinyl to .wav but upload 320 kbps mp3 for convenience and compatibility. You really won't notice a difference with original lossless formats on what I record so nothing to sweat.

  5. Not the kind of Nightmare I was looking for but still good :)